Top 10 most watched and trending channels of the week

Top 10 most watched and trending channels of the week has teamed up with esports and streaming analytics firm Stream Hatchet to bring you weekly charts of the most popular games and creators in the streaming space.

This chart documents the most watched channels by hours across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer and Facebook.

Each week we'll be documenting the top ten most watched channels across all the major streaming platforms, so you can see which creators are growing and which ones are in decline. The chart also shows what games they play the most. Check out our chart covering the top ten most watched games of the week here.

We'll also document the top ten rising channels of the week. These are the creators that are rising fastest on their respective platforms.

This chart covers the week commencing December 24th to December 30th.

Most watched channels 

Twitch streamer Tfue is topping the most-watched chart for last week. A huge 125 per cent increase in views amounted to over 3 million hours watched for the FaZe Clan Fortnite fanatic. 

Fellow Twitch streamer summit1g takes second place after a 27 per cent increase in views. Ninja falls to third this week despite a 1.8 per cent increase in views, but is sure to rocket to the top again after his New Year's Eve special. 

Shroud takes fourth place this week despite a 10.2 per cent decrease in views. TwitchPresents is in fifth after a 117.3 per cent increase in hours watched. The 'always on' channel is currently hosting a non-stop Pokémon marathon. 

YouTuber Nick Eh 30 is in sixth place with a modest 3.5 per cent increase in hours watched last week. Forsen is a new entry to the chart in seventh; the Twitch creator has been playing Atlas in the last week and has experienced a 39.2 per cent increase in views. 

YouTuber Dynamo Gaming is in eighth place after a 66.8 per cent increase in views. The channel's main focus in PUBG Mobile. 

Twitch channel DreadzTV is in ninth place after a huge 524.3 per cent increase in views. The channel racked up 1.2 million hours watched last week. 

The final channel is a relatively small one. KeSPA is a League of Legends focused channel with just over 71,000 subscribers. Despite this, the channel has racked up over 990k hours watched in the last week.


Trending by followers

Streamer Tfue is also leading the trending by followers chart this week, after bringing in over 133k last week. Other entries for last week include Twitch Fortnite streamer Mongraal, PUBG streamer DracoGames and YouTuber GhostNinja, no relation to the other Ninja. 

Trending by views

YouTuber Mikecrack is leading the trending by views chart this week. Mikecrack is a Spanish gaming creator that has racked up over 9.7 million views in the last week. Other entries include Twitch channel rpgplaynetwork, alongside chart regulars Funhaus, Diana Naikova and Dynamo Gaming. 



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