YouTube is apparently removing the ability to auto-share videos to Twitter

YouTube is apparently removing the ability to auto-share videos to Twitter

As of January 31st, YouTube creators will no longer be able to set up automated posts to various social sites.

In an email sent to creators, the platform stated that it's taking away the ability to automatically share YouTube activity to both Twitter and Google+. 

"As of January 31st, the ability to automatically post YouTube activity (uploads, liked videos, etc.) on Twitter and Google+ will no longer be available," YouTube wrote in the email.

"We’ve found that sharing these actions with a custom message (instead of through automatically generated posts) provides a better experience for the sharer and their followers on other social networks."

The email does, however, go on to explain that users can still manually share videos by using the share button on a video's watch page. 

Uploading and scheduling videos in bulk is a common strategy used by many creators, and setting up automatic posts to social media when a video goes live cuts out another time-consuming step. It seems YouTube is aiming to encourage more personal shares and posts by eliminating this feature.

YouTube didn't explain why these changes are taking place, but it did link to a blog post on how to share videos manually. 

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