Marketing platform ZINE is improving influencer accountability

Marketing platform ZINE is improving influencer accountability

Influencer marketing platform ZINE has unveiled a new way to improve accountability and transparency for Instagram campaigns.

The new tool, called Verified Reach, is a real-time data gatherer that provides influencers and brands with the unique views and total number of views of an Instagram post.

This allows for the engagement, views and overall reach of posts to be broken down by the type of media across Instagram Stories and feeds. Verified Reach also shows demographic data such as gender, country and city of followers for various posts.

Staying accountable

“Fifty per cent of marketers say they believe influencer marketing is not as transparent as other areas of digital marketing," ZINE CEO Caroline Duong said in a release.

"Verified Reach will change that. For the first time, influencers will be able to pull their Instagram Insights into one place and show brands just how many people their post has reached… and crucially who these people are. At Zine, we are committed to improving the channel and we believe this is a step in the right direction towards influencer ROI and a more transparent future.”

Some influencers and brands are also happy about Zine’s new approach. Influencer Sophie Radcliffe from Challenge Sophie was enthusiastic about it and eager to see how things change more for the landscape going forward.

“Creating transparency with reach, engagement and authenticity in influencer marketing is a huge step forward for our industry and I'm stoked to see ZINE leading the way! I love collaborating with brands and working together to create amazing content and engagement. The more we can see the numbers behind our collabs and measure ROI the better it will be for everyone involved.” Radcliffe added.

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