YouTube product manager discusses creator burnout and platform algorithm

YouTube product manager discusses creator burnout and platform algorithm

A big issue that is been discussed a lot lately is YouTuber burnout, plus the causes and the effects of it for those who create content on YouTube.

Much of the blame is constantly put on YouTube’s algorithm as the cause, but that might not be the case according to a new video discussion from one YouTube product manager. Todd Beaupre, product manager at YouTube, gathered data on hundreds of channels that might say otherwise.

According to Beaupre's findings, some channels can take breaks because their upload schedule isn’t intense, while others rely on the constant output of videos from creators. This can make things difficult for creators who do so that want to take a break.

“It really depends a lot on the nature of your audience and the type of content you’re doing… If somebody does take a break and their audience is still interested in seeing their content, we’re trying to make the algorithm show that to them.”

The importance of consistency

Not everybody tends to agree with Beaupre's statement, however. Elle Mills, a popular YouTube creator who has dealt with the effects of burnout, spoke about her experience with Beaupre.

“I try to refrain from taking too many breaks because I feel like people are less forgiving I feel like when growing an audience, consistency is the most important thing," Mills said.

"You need to build trust with your audience, and they need to know they’re going to come like every week and see a new video from you. Once you gain that community and that trust, that’s when you’re able to be a little looser with your upload schedule.”

A lot more was discussed between the two, as well as other creators, in the video discussion on YouTube. Burnout within the community is an ongoing issue that is constantly being discussed debated amongst top creators and YouTube itself.

YouTube Gaming overseer and executive Ryan Wyatt put it best when he stated to Polygon: “I just think we should be the thought leaders in the space given our size and scale I think we owe it to our creators.

"This is something my team particularly talks about often because we manage the top creators as a business. We spend a lot of time having these conversations, and we take it very, very seriously.”

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