Lightstream acquires livestreaming analytics platform

Lightstream acquires livestreaming analytics platform

Live streaming tech company Lightstream has acquired, a discovery analytics platform for live streaming video game content.

The acquisition will bring's range of tools to Lightstream. These tools will serve two connected audiences, video game streamers and video game publishers, studios, or brands.

Streamers can utilise Arsenal’s free broadcaster profile to view and learn how their content is performing, as well as insights to identify and grow their respective audience. On the other hand, game publishers, studios, and brands can pay for Arsenal’s authoritative platform of tools to build their influencer marketing strategies to different markets.

Putting information to work

“We started Lightstream to simplify that first step in the creative journey by making streaming easier," said Lightstream CEO Stu Grubbs.

"The second step is learning to identify and grow your audience. With the acquisition of Arsenal, we begin to help content creators optimise their stream, understand their audience, and what content is working for their channel. Arsenal is the only intuitive analytics platform that delivers its data in a smart, easy-to-understand way so that brands and streamers can really put the information to work.”

A number of game publishers and other companies are already part of Arsenal’s list of clients, including 505 Games, PUBG Corp, and Discord.

Clients already acquainted with Lightstream can use the platform to look up over 7.7 million broadcasters across six streaming platforms - YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, Mobcrush and Smashcast.

Grubbs added: “the majority of the industry is operating out of spreadsheets and self-reported data. This doesn’t scale and leads to huge inaccuracies that serve only to hurt brands and streamers."

"Wasted dollars or inaccurate data will only reduce the confidence level in this channel for brands. Arsenal gives brands the accurate data they need to keep investing more of their budget in broadcasters and the livestreaming market. We’re proud to add this fantastic product and bright team to our Lightstream crew.”

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