Goodwill recruits influencers to encourage donations in month-long campaign

Goodwill recruits influencers to encourage donations in month-long campaign

US non-profit Goodwill recently launched a new influencer-led campaign to encourage donations and raise awareness about the company.

The campaign launched on the first day of spring and will run for a month. It'll focus on four main themes: Goodwill’s mission, donating and purchasing through the organisation, and living sustainably.

Influencers joining up with the campaign include lifestyle influencer Carmen Flores, fashion influencer Nicole Mazur, fashion influencer and advocate the deaf or hard of hearing Jamé Jackson, and finally Buzzfeed Home and Décor Producer Ashley McGetrick. Each will focus on a specific topic and encourage various actions of their audience to coincide with Goodwill’s campaign.

Positive potential

Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of marketing agency StrawberryFrog, spoke during the Cannes Lions Festival last year about how social influence can inspire positivity.

“Movements are about experience, having a mindset, action, trying something new and having the confidence to start something new,” said Goodson. “You can apply the principles of a social movement to mobilize the masses and create confidence to create positive change.”

The theme of decluttering has become somewhat of a social trend, and shows like Netflix's Tiding Up With Marie Kondo are motivating people to spruce up their homes and clean out their closets. Getting social media influencers on the trend will no doubt inspire countless more to do the same, and donate to charities in the process.

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