Study shows the average amount that influencers charge for sponsored content per platform

Study shows the average amount that influencers charge for sponsored content per platform

As influencer marketing becomes more lucrative year on year, the demand for sponsored content on social media is higher than ever. 

Instagram especially has become an influencer wonderland. The photo-sharing app is now the leading platform for influencer content, and Insta itself is making several moves to become a fruitful shopping destination.

A lack of solid standards means that there's no 'right' or 'wrong' amount for an influencer or brand to charge. 

However, new research from Klear has unveiled the average price of content based on an influencer's audience, reach and platform. 

Klear surveyed over 2500 influencers across four categories: nano (500-5K Followers), micro (5-30K Followers), power (30-500K Followers) and celebrity (500K+ Followers). 

It also separated pricing patterns by five different types of content: Instagram post, Instagram Story, Instagram video, Facebook post and YouTube video.

Instagram marketing

Klear's chart shows the average price of Instagram content depends heavily on the type of influencer and type of post.

Influencers with lowest followings reportedly charge $43 per story post, $100 for a photo and $114 for a video. Micro influencers earn an average of $73 per story, $172 per photo, and $219 per video.

Power influencers can charge $210 per story post, $507 per photo, and $775 per video. Lastly, celebrity influencers earn $721 per story, $2,085 per post, and $3,138 per video.

Instagram stories are the cheapest option across the board, and they've become a popular marketing strategy. However, as stories only stick around online for 24 hours after posting (unless they're archived) it's a pretty transient advert. Brands are still figuring out how to utilise stories, but we have a handy guide on how to do that

YouTube content

The average prices for YouTube content work a little differently. Nano influencers can charge $315 per video, micros can charge $908, but powers actually charge less than micros at $782. This is where engagement shines through, and quite often, it's the micro-influencers that are nailing that ROI

Celebrities are the most expensive option by far, at $3857 on average per YouTube video. Given that celebrities can rack up millions of subscribers without a problem, it's easy to understand why that number is so high in comparison. Last year, musician and actor Jack Black launched a YouTube channel and racked up over a million subs in a week.

Facebook pricing

Facebook's influencer rates echoed a similar pattern to YouTube. Nano influencers charge around $31 per post, micro influencers can charge around $318, but again, power influencers are less expensive, clocking in at an average of $243. Celebrities rocket way above that, costing around $2400 per Facebook post. 

Influencer pricing by category. Image: Klear


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