Ninja drums up over a million subscribers during first week at Mixer

Ninja drums up over a million subscribers during first week at Mixer

Former Twitch streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has started streaming on Microsoft owned platform Mixer and has seen a strong start to his new exclusive deal.

The Fortnite streamer gained a viewership of over 10 million on Amazon-owned platform Twitch, before signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

Since streaming on Mixer, Blevins has gained over 800,000 followers and a million subscribers, with many fans transitioning over to the new platform. He's now the second most-followed creator over there, with Spanish streamer The Grefg holding the top spot. As of writing, there's only 10,000 followers between them, so it's fair to assume Blevins will take over shortly.

Inspiring a movement

Blevins' presence on the platform is also encouraging other streamers to try out Mixer. Other Twitch stars have also stated they would hop over to Mixer if they were offered similar opportunities as Blevins. During a recent livestream, Guy 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm said "I don't give a f*** what platform I stream on, dude. Whatever place makes me more money I'll f****** stream on."

His first stream saw over 96,000 viewers tune in as he broadcasted from Chicago-based festival Lollapalooza.

The platform has become one of the most downloaded iOS apps, though some believe the streamer's success is due to an offer provided through the platform.

To encourage audiences to subscribe to Blevins, Mixer are offering free subscribers to his new channel, though it is too soon to gauge what percentage of Blevins' subscribers will renew their subscription when the free month is over. Blevins also saw a similar drop off in subscribers that were using a complimentary Prime sub awarded as part of Amazon Prime.

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