TikTok teams up with social and mobile marketing agency WeQ

TikTok teams up with social and mobile marketing agency WeQ

WeQ Influencers, a sidearm of social marketing agency WeQ, has partnered with global video app TikTok

The partnership aims to give brands and developers the tools to create native advertising campaigns with TikTok influencers, combining the platform's roster of talent with WeQ's mobile marketing strategies.

WeQ Influencers launched earlier this year and has executed successful campaigns on TikTok already, as well as Instagram and YouTube. 

"TikTok is fast-becoming one of the most important social platforms for Gen Z and Millenials. It was a natural fit to partner with TikTok for more exclusive access to video ads inventory and influencers across its growing platform to create premium branded campaigns for our global clients," said WeQ Influencers managing director Elena Kutsopal.

"At the moment, we have branding and performance clients on TikTok for who we run CPM, CPC and CPI campaigns using the native in-feed video ads. It’s the easiest and the most performing format to engage new users and track results.

"Advertisers would only need to run 2-3 video ads of 8-10 seconds each, add tracking links and set their goal - we would then help to optimise and scale the results, to achieve the set goals. We’re thrilled by the partnership and with the continued collaboration that we’ll have with the TikTok team.”

Substantial growth

TikTok has seen incredible growth over the last year. The app racked up over a billion installs across Google Play and the Apple App Store in February, making it the fourth most installed non-gaming app in the world.

It' parent company, Bytedance, is currently the world's most valuable startup. With a value of $75 billion, its currently worth more than Uber, Didi Chuxing and Airbnb. 

The platform has also become a lucrative spot for brands - TikTok's cost-effective campaigns paired with the app's 500m daily active userbase are attracting huge brands to the app. As TikTok is still a fresh market, companies are still in the process of figuring out the value of running campaigns there as opposed to Facebook and Instagram. 


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