ASA revises influencer guidelines to further clarify what is and isn't an advert

ASA revises influencer guidelines to further clarify what is and isn't an advert

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has made revisions to its influencer's guide in order to better clarify what constitutes as an advert within different types of content. 

After further consultation with the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the company has published an updated version of the guideline document, which originally came out in September 2018

Nothing in the original document has been changed, but the revisions close in on how influencers should disclose and label adverts and sponsorships within their work. 

A new addition to the document is a handy flowchart that lets influencers clearly work out whether their post contains an ad. It explains when and how posts and content should be labeled and it also highlights when the ASA might get involved if the guidelines are not followed. Disclosure is a legal requirement enforced by the
Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Another handy resource is this influencer cheatsheet, which quickly showcases an A-Z style collection of things to remember when posting an advert. It also shares quick tips on how to stay authentic and loyal to followers while engaging in sponsored opportunities. 

The ASA has a ton of other quick resources on influencer marketing and disclosure, so there's no real reason for creators to be missing it in 2020.


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