YouTube replaces mobile 'trending' tab with 'explore'

YouTube replaces mobile 'trending' tab with 'explore'

YouTube has done away with its 'trending' tab and has replaced it with a new 'explore' tab. 

The page operates similarly to the old trending tab, but it'll also include popular videos from other categories including gaming, fashion, beauty and music. YouTube says that it'll add other destinations over time depending on user feedback.

YouTube is also drawing more attention to its 'creator on the rise' section. In the explore tab, users will see rising artists and creators before other trending videos. 

The trending tab isn't dead altogether though. It'll still have a smaller section inside the explore tab so users can still check out what is resonating across the platform daily. 

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed creator concerns regarding the trending tab last year. Wojcicki acknowledged that the trending tab wasn't reflecting what users want to see, and stated that the platform's goal is to have at least 50 per cent of trending tab filled with work from independent YouTubers. 

Image: Google


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