Twitch re-suspends streamer charged with assault following a brief return to the platform

Twitch re-suspends streamer charged with assault following a brief return to the platform

Streaming service Twitch has reinstated a ban on an account following charges of assault. 

Last month, Australian Fortnite streamer Luke 'MrDeadMoth' Munday was suspended from Twitch following an arrest for assault.

Harrowing clips displayed Munday hurling verbal and physical abuse at a woman off-camera, presumed to be a wife or partner. It's believed that three children aged between 20 months and three years were also in the house during the assault. 

Munday was charged with common assault and given four weeks to secure legal representation. However, the streamer chose to return to Twitch during this window. According to Kotaku, Munday's initial ban from Twitch only lasted for 14 days.

Nobody wants you

His return to Twitch was not met with open arms. Fellow creators and supports demanded that he be re-banned immediately. 

FaZe Clan member Hazz tweeted: "The man who beat his wife on stream (MrDeadMoth) is currently live streaming from your platform, how have you allowed this to happen bruh @Twitch". 

Twitch streamer Ellohime also tweeted regarding Munday's ban, urging Twitch to not let him return to the platform.

Twitch has now banned Munday's account for a second time, but for how long remains to be seen. The platform has not commented on the initial un-ban but released a statement regarding practices on the platform.

“We want everyone on Twitch to have a safe and positive experience and work constantly toward that goal. Part of that work includes examining our policies and practices when we find they don’t properly address specific incidents to ensure we’re adapting as the Twitch community grows.” 


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