How to target millennial women: Society6 dorm decoration YouTube campaign

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October 4th, 2017 Society6
How to target millennial women: Society6 dorm decoration YouTube campaign

Millennial women are a powerful consumers. They’re also trickier to market to than the generations before them. If content doesn’t entertain or inform, they won’t read it.

According to a study by content marketing platform NewsCred, 60 per cent of women born between the early 80s to the mid 90s will only share content that’s clever and thought-provoking. If it makes them laugh, even better. So marketers are left stroking their chins, deep in thought - how can a campaign be funny, smart, thought-provoking and informative? This one has it nailed.

Who's involved?

Online art marketplace Society6 is the place to buy original artwork from independent artists at prices that aren’t too out of range for the average college student. While Society6 caters to a broad range of demographics, its ‘hipster’ designs are heavily advertised - particularly wall art and tapestries.

These go down a treat with millennial consumers - but to make its campaign even more targeted, the brand focused solely on millennial women who were in college or university. Society6 worked with 21 YouTube lifestyle and fashion influencers, including pink-haired YouTuber Albinwonderland, college and lifestyle vlogger Margot Lee and fashion YouTuber Madi Westbrooke.

Purpose of campaign

Showcasing unique products for millennial women to personalise their dorms/bedrooms/living spaces, Society6 wanted to boost awareness of the brand and inspire this target audience to browse the site, promo code in hand. With a sprawling range of products, the focus was on funky home decor pieces that would make college dorm rooms cooler and cosier.


Society6 reached out to a 21 vloggers with a clear campaign theme, but gave them the creative flexibility to create content in their own personal styles. These lifestyle vloggers were generally around the 18-24 age bracket, bringing the brand directly into the places millennial women turn to for tips, recommendations and inspiration.

A total of 24 videos were created from April 2016 into 2017. The influencers involved provided their followers with a unique promo code to give special discounts to boost sales onsite and many had a lookbook created (like this one by Margot Lee), linking followers to the exact products showcased directly.


Whether it’s for fashion inspiration or interior tips, millennial women often turn to YouTube on a daily basis. By bringing Society6 into the YouTube accounts this demographic go for inspiring content, the brand could position itself as the ‘go-to’ trusted place to discover cool artwork products at affordable prices.

Dishing out promo codes to influencers meant they could offer genuine value and track the effectiveness of each individual influencer partnership. This is a brilliant way to determine whether an influencer is worth investing in for future campaigns.

By asking lifestyle influencers to share their own personal style on their own pages, the campaign came across truly authentic and tapped into a large network of fashion-loving college-going millennial women. In addition to sharing promo codes, YouTubers created conversations with their followers around interior styling and Society6.

At the end of Madi Westbrooke’s video she asked followers to share the theme of their room in the comments below, channelling the community vibe Society6 champion.


The marketing team at Society6 saw the perfect opportunity to tap into a highly influential millennial market and they landed the campaign like a boss. Influencer videos saw huge levels of engagement (an impressive 5.68%) and have been viewed more than a million times, according to this analysis by Makrwatch. Here are some of the campaign figures broken down:

  • Madi Westbrooke: The influencer posted this video with all her favourite finds and received almost 17K views and 74 comments. Madi is more of a micro-influencer, but what she lacks in numbers (compared to the other vloggers) she makes up for in her follower trust and loyalty. Check out this comment on her vlog:

  • Margot Lee: A whopping 92K views and 163 comments on her Society6 haul.
  • Albinwonderland: Possibly the most unique haul of the bunch, this video had over 101K likes and more than 300 comments.

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