10 interesting YouTube creators working with toy brands

10 interesting YouTube creators working with toy brands

Most of us have great memories from childhood that were vastly different, but we all share a strong sense of nostalgia when we look back at the toys that we played with as kids.

For anyone that grew up in the 70's, 80's, or 90's; there’s a real spark to the kinds of toys that we received as gifts.

And yet despite growing up and having to take on the responsibilities and challenges of adult life, we occasionally take a moment to look back and feel that same euphoria we felt as our imagination ran wild with the toys we played with.

Getting nostalgic

Luckily for us, we can do so easily by checking out some of the amazing creators and channels who focus on exploring and reviewing toys from both the past and present. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Transformers, Barbie or LEGO, chances are there’s a channel that will speak to you and your inner child.

Here’s a compilation of some of the top influencers and creators that you should be following if you have a passion for toy-related content. Each of our choices not only reviews and spotlights the latest and greatest toys; they provide a lot of insight and passion for the most important aspect - having tons of fun!

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    JANGBRiCKS logo

    If you have a passion for building new things with LEGOs, then one of the best channels to follow have videos published by JANGBRiCKS.

    With over a million subscribers on YouTube, JANGBRiCKS has many reviews and breakdowns of popular LEGO sets and bundles that are very popular. Outside of just looking at LEGOs, JANGBRiCKS also looks at alternative building toys that don’t always get talked about by the general public.

    Some of his videos include Mega Construx and other buildable sets with various franchise licenses. But his most popular videos are definitely his reviews and previews of the many LEGO sets that are released, such as the Star Wars, DC Heroes, and Ninjago sets.

  • 2 Ryan ToysReview

    Ryan ToysReview logo

    What better way to watch a review about toys for kids than from an actual kid who would play with them? Ryans ToysReview is one of the best ways to see this first hand, a channel that has garnered millions of followers on YouTube across all his channels.

    Along with his parents who help publish content on YouTube, Ryan is a young boy who reviews and plays with toys of all kinds. It’s incredibly hard to watch one of Ryan’s videos and not smile as he enthusiastically plays with each toy he gives his thoughts on.

    Some of the videos Ryan publishes go as far as to show him with his parents playing make-believe with a mixture of brand new toys and older ones related to some of his favourite franchises.

    This would include a variety of toys based on Disney, Marvel Superheroes, Pixar, LEGO, and other popular kid movies and shows. Just try watching one of Ryan’s videos without smiling, we bet that you can’t do it.

  • 3 Brittany the Toy Reviewer

    Brittany the Toy Reviewer logo

    Girl toys don’t get discussed as much on YouTube, but there are some channels that do so for the audience like Brittany the Toy Reviewer.

    Brittany takes a look at many different kinds of girl toys that are both popular and indie, including some that aren’t dolls or figures. While you can definitely watch Brittany’s reviews for the latest on Barbie and My Little Pony, some of her videos cover alternative toys like food making sets and make-up bundles for kids.

    Every once in a while, some of her videos cover the latest offerings that parents would find at places like McDonalds in their Happy Meals, which includes both girl and boy toys that come out.

    The reviews that Brittany post are great breakdowns of toys from some of the most popular brands, including Hasbro and Mattel. But if you were looking for something different than the typical toy reviewer, Brittany also has Blind Bag reviews which cover toy bundles akin to booster packs (where it’s not known at first what you get inside).

  • 4 Toy Galaxy

    Toy Galaxy  logo

    Dan Larson runs the YouTube channel Toy Galaxy, which has a variety of content on all kinds of toys. While his content is geared towards the older fan and collectors of toys and figures, Dan publishes more content than just reviews.

    The channel has an assortment of franchise breakdowns, character overviews, and even fan interaction videos that offer different looks at collectible figures. Toy Galaxy also attends conventions and takes deep looks at exclusive figures from shows like Comic-Con that would otherwise be nearly impossible to obtain.

    One of the most interesting features on Dan’s channel is one that will speak to many Star Wars fans, the famed Boba Sett. It is an action figure collection made up of Boba Fett figures from the Kenner Empire Strikes Back line of toys, which continues to grow through fan submissions to Dan’s set. It has so far reached a total of over 300 figures.

  • 5 ShartmusPrime

    ShartmusPrime logo

    If you like a hard-edged personality with the reviewers you watch, then you can’t get more attitude in review videos than ShartimusPrime.

    The majority of ShartimusPrime's videos cover action figures and statues, mostly based on toys with a Marvel or Hasbro license. His reviews take a more mature tone for audiences that don’t mind a bit of edgy humor and commentary, but the reviews on the toys themselves are very in-depth and thorough.

    The most interesting part of ShartimusPrime’s content is the inclusion of imported action figures that get reviewed. The majority of toy channels that cover action figures focus on North America released toys you can buy in any store, but ShartimusPrime takes the time to look at various imported figures that are more unique.

    Some of the imports ShartimusPrime has covered include many of the Transformer toys and Kotobukiya figures. The most popular review videos from ShartimusPrime on his YouTube channel have reached millions of views by appeal to hardcore fans of detailed Marvel toys and action figures.

  • 6 AllToyCollector

    AllToyCollector logo

    The AllToyCollector channel, run by Valerie and her family, has a very general but solid approach to covering toys for kids.

    They cover and review toys for both boys and girls, alongside board games and DIY Crafts that are geared towards kids. AllToyCollector also takes a look at other alternative toys and details their applications for the entire family.

    Many of their reviews reach to millions of people who are curious about interesting toys for their children, but the most popular content they produce focus on Disney toys of all kinds and Barbie playsets. A neat addition to AllToyCollector‘s toy reviews is the occasional look at fast-food restaurant toys from places like McDonalds.

  • 7 Puppet Steve

    Puppet Steve logo

    Minecraft has become an incredible phenomenon in the gaming world, and its popularity transcends into toys and collectibles as well.

    While there are a lot of channels that cover Minecraft, you’ve probably never seen an actual puppet make reviews of Minecraft toys on a YouTube channel before. That’s exactly what Puppet Steve does for a majority of new Minecraft toys and figures, as well as other miscellaneous toys for all ages.

    What makes Puppet Steve’s reviews so informative and fun to watch is the full commitment to cheeky humor and slapstick comedy. Puppet Steve unboxes all of the toys he reviews but tries often to implement sketch comedy with various other characters that break up the monotony of a standard review.


  • 8 BrickVault

    BrickVault logo

    Although we’ve already included a LEGO focused channel on this list, we have to include the amazing reviews and breakdowns done by BrickVault.

    LEGOs are a very adaptable toy with a wide range of application, and BrickVault covers that well in their videos. Whether it’s newly released legacy sets of the iconic toy pegs or new and original building ideas for almost anything, BrickVault talks about all of it.

    The reviews and unboxings are detailed looks at LEGOs with high production that will appeal to anyone curious about LEGO. BrickVault takes the time to look at some of the mature and complex bundles, like the LEGO Architecture and Technic sets, outside of the sets geared towards children.

    You’ll still find them checking out the latest big licenses to work with LEGO, but if you wanted a very different and deep look into LEGO then BrickVault is one of the best channels around to do so.

  • 9 ellieV Toys

    ellieV Toys logo

    EllieV Toys is a channel that covers a combination of LEGO sets geared towards girls.

    The LEGO Friends toy sets are different to other sets. They tend to have a more cutesy aesthetic which is what EllieV explores frequently for her audience.

    Some of the other videos she publishes occasionally on YouTube spotlights apps that could be used in conjunction with various toys. EllieV also makes DIY videos that show people how to customise their LEGO Friends figures, as well as how to use their accessories and playsets in various ways.

    Her channel is incredibly family friendly and is detailed yet simple enough for parents and kids to follow together.

  • 10 Kimmi The Clown

    Kimmi The Clown logo

    Whether you’re looking for videos about boy or girl toys, Kimmi The Clown has a bit of everything. In addition to looking at various toys, Kimmi focuses heavily on colouring books and other creative toys.

    Some of her videos also spotlight her thoughts on NERF, Play Doh, Hot Wheels, and much more. Kimmi The Clown has a lot of energy in her reviews, which she mixes together with a little fun humor and scripted jokes as she plays with the toys shown in her videos.

    Her excitement in each video will appeal to young kids who happen to discover her channel, as well as parents looking for family friendly content. The best part about Kimmi the Clown’s videos are the additional sound effects and music she adds to the sections where she demonstrates the different features of each toy.

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