Eat, sleep, post, repeat: the daily routines of online influencers

Eat, sleep, post, repeat: the daily routines of online influencers

From filming and editing videos to business meetings and interacting with fans on social networks, we sometimes wonder when social-media stars get to eat and sleep.

A new infographic published by UK2 aims to answer that question by analysing the daily routines of a selection of influencers, including Zoella, Joe Wicks, Casey Neistat, The Syndicate Project and social-media agency Social Chain's boss Steven Bartlett.

Dividing each influencer's day into colour-coded exercise, sleep, travel, 'day job', creative work and food & leisure blocks, the chart shows a range of routines.

Zoella, for example, is shown as getting 11 hours sleep a night, while Bartlett is shown as getting just three. Perhaps reassuringly, apart from him and Neistat (five hours) all the influencers covered seem to be gettign their regulation eight hours a night.

Social star Fun For Louis takes an estimated nine hours' travel per day, although in fairness he is a travel vlogger, so that's part of the job.

One area missing from the chart – or at least bundled into categories like 'day job' – is the amount of time influencers spend on social networks promoting their content and chatting to fans.

UK2 used a combination of YouTube videos, Instagram stories and posts, tweets and newspaper articles to estimate the daily routines.

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