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For the launch of, the brand new business-to-business media website covering the influencer space, we've partnered with a few key companies in the sector.

One such company is GameInfluencer, which hosts a data-driven platform that selects influencers suited for specific types of games across mobile, console and PC.

To tell us more about the company and why it's on board with, we spoke to GameInfluencer Head of Business Development Macy Mills What is Game Influencer and what services do you offer?

Macy Mills: GameInfluencer connects gaming publishers and influencers to produce creative content that will boost installs and brand awareness.

We are the most hands-on influencer marketing agency scaling global influencer campaigns until they are the most cost-effective user acquisition channel.

What excites you about the influencer marketing space?

It´s still a relatively new field, so nearly every day you will find new and exciting challenges in which you can implement your ideas and creativity.

Also, influencer marketing is still in a huge part a people´s business, where you can obviously meet people with some of the most interesting personalities.

What do you think are the hottest trends in the influencer space right now?

We see a huge opportunity connecting influencers and eSports tournaments. We have had huge success having influencers form teams out of their community to participate in an online tournament system.

This has proved to be successful in terms of user acquisition, as well as long-term retention of users brought in with these types of tournaments.

Influencers can also help promote offline events, incentivising their community to take part and create hype about upcoming events.

Why are you getting involved in

At the moment, there is no news website dedicated to influencer marketing, so will definitely fill a void.

We are excited to see what other companies are thinking in terms of influencer marketing and what stories we can all tell to learn from one another.

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Craig Chapple is a freelance analyst, consultant and writer with specialist knowledge of the games industry. He has previously served as Senior Editor at, as well as holding roles at Sensor Tower, Nintendo and Develop.