News launch partner spotlight: Matchmade launch partner spotlight: Matchmade

For the launch of, the brand new business-to-business media website covering the influencer space, we've partnered with a few key companies in the sector.

One such company is Matchmade, a data-driven influencer marketing platform that judges a campaign's potential performance based on what's interesting to a channel's audience, and then connects developers with the influencers who could have the biggest impact on their game.

To tell us more about the company and why it's on board with, we spoke to Matchmade CEO Jiri Kupiainen.

What is Matchmade and what services do you offer?

Jiri Kupiainen: Matchmade is a data-driven, performance based platform for influencer marketing in games.

We basically:

  1. Index and analyse all YouTube gaming videos and channels to figure out what's interesting for each channel's audience
  2. Connect game developers with the channels where their game is likely to perform well
  3. Help these developers and influencers work on performance-based campaigns together

What excites you about the influencer marketing space?

It's a rapidly developing new field that's already huge. For us, this is a chance to take a part in defining how a massive new field of media functions.

What do you think are the hottest trends in the influencer space right now?

There's a big shift from "eyeballs" to caring much more about engagement and performance.

People are generally waking up to the fact that we're dealing with a very large number of influencers with very large audiences and that knowing a "dude with a rolodex" doesn't really cut it anymore if you want to run large scale, well-performing campaigns.

In short, having access to data and being able to draw the right conclusions from it matters a lot more than it used to.

Why are you getting involved in

It's a whole new industry that is still trying to find its shape, and we want to play an active role in defining the ground rules and making sure we're building an industry that's transparent and fair to everyone from advertisers to influencers to the fans.

This is why we think it's important there is a platform for sharing information and learnings, and for having those important discussions about how this business is going to work for everyone. We're excited to be a part of the launch!

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