Kickstarter launches Drip: A new subscription based platform for creators

Kickstarter launches Drip: A new subscription based platform for creators

Project platform Kickstarter has launched a new service with striking similarities to membership platform, Patreon.

According to the company, Drip is a "curated platform that gives creators a place to connect with their supporter community". Creators can set a monthly price, and fans then have the option to subscribe. This is offered as an alternative to Kickstarter's usual method of users needing to raise a large one-time goal.

Drip encourages creators to offer early access to their projects, plus behind the scenes updates and reveals on whatever they're making.

The company states that the option to subscribe will "replicate the urgency of Kickstarter's all-or-nothing mechanism", whereby any projects are only able to move forward if 100% of the proposed total is funded. This provides a little more sustainability to developers, artists and creatives using the platform; as they'll recieve a steady income, as opposed to needing to raise one lump sum.

The benefit of Drip is that it will aid established creators as well as new ones, and provide an alternative option for the vibrant, existing Kickstarter community. The company promises "seamless access" to the 14 million users already backing projects at the leading crowdfunding site.

Drip is open to creators from all areas, and will hopefully lead to growth in the number of successful projects on Kickstarter. While the platform isn't any immediate trouble, a report by ICO Partners suggested that video game support may be stagnating, while tabletop support has grown exponentially.


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