Latest Minecraft beta includes support for Mixer livestreams

Latest Minecraft beta includes support for Mixer livestreams

Microsoft is bringing two of its gaming subsidiaries together: Minecraft and live-streaming video service Mixer.

The latest beta of Minecraft, version 1.2.5, includes native support for Mixer, with players able to launch broadcasts without leaving the game.

The integration also includes interactive features, with streamers able to invite their audience to vote on what should happen next during their game sessions.

"Any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button that viewers can use to change your game," explained a Mixer blog post. "Whether you want to enable viewers to summon a horde of creepers, fill a given area with blocks or just change the weather to rain – it’s all possible."

Minecraft's developer Mojang has pointed fans in the direction of Mixer streamers TangoTek, Impulse5V, YourMCAdmin and Direwolf as early adopters of the new features, to see how they work.

For now, the Mixer feature is part of Minecraft 1.2.5 on Android and Windows 10, with Xbox One following this week. When the update comes out of beta later this year, the feature will debut on other platforms too, as well as a mod for players of the Java version of Minecraft.

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