Jake Paul launches Edfluence to teach the next generation of influencers

Jake Paul launches Edfluence to teach the next generation of influencers

Online star Jake Paul has launched a series of 'courses' to teach fans how to become influencers themselves, under the banner of Edfluence.

The initiative follows Paul's rise to prominence on YouTube and other social services, where he's also built his own 'Team 10' squad of fellow stars. Now Paul is selling a "roadmap" to similar success for his fans for $7.

"This roadmap lays out every step that I and Team 10 have taken to get to where we are today. It’s literally the roadmap to becoming social media FAMOUS," wrote Paul on the Edfluence website.

"I want to help you KILL IT on social so you can discover how to become social media famous."

Team 1000 appears to be part of this strategy: trailed by Paul in an introductory video, it appears to be an extension of Team 10 – in effect, Paul setting up his own multi-channel network to promote people who've come through the Edfluence courses and started getting traction.

Online-video industry site Tubefilter has already pointed out that $7 doesn't get fans access to all the Edfluence courses, however.

"The initial $7 payment only unlocks a few basic videos, most of which reiterate points aspiring creators can learn by talking to people in the industry or watching some videos from other prominent YouTube stars," it reported.

"The full roadmap, filled with guides to individual platforms and video types, is only available to “Inner Circle” subscribers who pay an additional $57."

We'll be interested to see if the roadmap includes any advice, inspired by other Paul family members, on not visiting Japanese forests known for being suicide hotspots...

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