Did PewDiePie cause the adpocalypse? He doesn't think so

Did PewDiePie cause the adpocalypse? He doesn't think so

YouTuber Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg has hit back at accusatory remarks that suggest he caused YouTube's adpocalypse. 

Throughout 2017, YouTube saw advertisers leave the platform in droves after their products appeared alongside xenophobic and offensive content. This led to many YouTubers seeing their revenue streams cut and their content demonetised. 

The first instance of this took place in spring last year, shortly after Kjellberg uploaded a video in which he displayed anti-semetic messages. The videos have since been removed.

Shortly after this, Disney's Maker Studios severed ties with the creator.

A greater puzzle

In a recent video, Kjellberg cites an article from The Times as one of the adpocalypse catalysts. The article was posted on March 17th, a month prior to the media whipping Kjellberg recieved.

Kjellberg accepts that as a public figure, he could be considered "part of the puzzle" that perpertuated the adpocalpyse. 

"It's pretty short sighted to pin this whole thing on some sort of moral cause," Kjellberg states in his video.

"It's even more short-sighted to put the blame on me for it."

Watch the full video below.


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