Good new for creators - Fortnite is finally getting a replay function

Good new for creators - Fortnite is finally getting a replay function

Following in the footsteps of it's battle royale brother, Epic's Fortnite will soon have it's own replay editor. 

Epic announced the addition during their 'State of Unreal' show at GDC, and detailed that it's developers will be creating a series of highlight-making tools for the title.

YouTube gamer Ali-A was also at the conference to showcase the new editor in action.

Epic has other games

The company stipulated that the replay function is not being built solely for Fortnite; it'll be available in more Epic titles too. However, given that Fortnite is currently absolutely dominating  the streaming space, the title is a good way to demonstrate how the editor will work.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' replay feature has been beneficial to the title, giving creators the ability to save and replay their most recent 20 games, use free cam to see the action from any angle, and make more creative, polished videos with the captured footage. 

Fortnite is also a title that'll benefit from this function, not that it needs a popularity boost at this point. 

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