Kairos Media generates 13.3 million views with Football Clash: All Stars Instagram campaign

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March 1st, 2018 Soccer Manager Kairos Media
Kairos Media generates 13.3 million views with Football Clash: All Stars Instagram campaign

London based digital marketing team Kairos Media has teamed up with influencers on Instagram to deliver a successful campaign for Soccer Manager's mobile game - Football Clash: All Stars.

The game is a five-a-side real time football experience where players can build their dream roster by collecting cards in game. Players can go head-to-head in arenas across the world in matches with their chosen characters. Each player card in the game has its own set of attributes and one special ability.

Clash campaign

Kairos reached out to a number of social media influencers on Instagram. The aim of the campaign was to continue building awareness of Football Clash: All Stars and drive download numbers. 

After using software to identify the target audience for this specific task, Kairos set about approaching influencers on Instagram with a large interest in football, and a demographic that aligned with that of the game.

The eleven influencers involved generated a total of 13.3 million views across 33 pieces of unique content to promote the game. That result was 166 per cent of the estimated five million views over a 48 hour period. 

The 33 posts combined generated a total of 194,458 clicks leading directly to Football Clash: All Stars' page in either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, the CPC (cost per click) being less than 50 pence. This engagement put the title at number two of the sports section of the iOS store. 

Clicks for days

“It’s very rewarding to manage a successful campaign and despite guaranteeing 5 million views, I am over the moon that it reached more than 13 million views and overperformed by 166 per cent. There’s no better feeling!” Kairos' Lead Sports Account Exec Sam Martindale said.

“Influencers can amplify your social content and this campaign proved how powerful it can be.”

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