Snapchat’s redesign has been a big turn-off for youngsters, YouGov data suggests

Snapchat’s redesign has been a big turn-off for youngsters, YouGov data suggests

Stat specialists YouGov have revealed that Snapchat’s popularity among younger demographics has plummeted following its controversial redesign.

YouGov BrandIndex shows that as of last month positive sentiments toward the app from Americans aged 18-34 had fallen to a score of 8, down from the 30 it was polling as recent as January. That’s a 73 per cent decrease in just three months.

Satisfaction levels for the app are similarly down, from 27 in January to just 12 last month.

Other metrics also point to a decline. For instance, 25 per cent of the age group say they’ve discussed Snapchat in the past two weeks. A year ago that number was 35 per cent.

Yesterday it was reported that it has been alleged colleagues attempted to warn Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal about the very mixed reception its redesign had received from early testers.

However, the CEO is said to have pressed ahead with the alterations regardless, and with little discussion with his closest team members, The Information reports.

Furthermore, once the decision was made his team was given just six weeks to implement the changes to ensure it was publicly available in time for Thanksgiving. The result was large departments often working 12-hour days and sixty-hour weeks. This deadline was eventually missed, with the redesign releasing early the following year.

It is alleged that those who expressed a desire to push back against the orders were discouraged from seeking a meeting with the CEO. Most employees were also taken aback when the redesign was announced in a November investor call – something few had been told to expect.

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