Indian company Chtrbox can give brands an idea of how much clout an influencer really has

Indian company Chtrbox can give brands an idea of how much clout an influencer really has

With so many different types of influencers today, it can be hard for brands to find the right person to work with.

Dehli-based Chtrbox aims to solve the issue. Founded in 2016, the aim of this platform is to automate and make the process of influencer marketing cost-effective for brands.

Pranay Swarup, CEO and co-founder of Chtrbox, was transitioning from his first startup when he realised there was a market for influencer marketing. He met Rohit Paj soon after, who worked for Glitch, and saw first hand the demand for influencers and lack of technology for brands.

The two then took the idea to Roshan Abbas, a managing director of advertising firm Encompass. He liked the idea, and invested in the project, together with actor Gaurav Kapur.

Gaining traction

Pranay says that even though getting started wasn’t that hard, the tricky part was “fulfilling their promise and wowing influencers and brands.” He adds that the addition of Abbas and Kapur helped the platform gain traction, as “they helped the platform gain traction along with the brands that they brought in to work on the platform.”

Chtrbox started with a few thousand users, but over the two years, the number of social media influencers using the platform in India is 150,000 and growing. The number of social media users they influence reaches 250 million.

Chtrbox uses smart algorithms and machine learning to let the brands know the real Social Media Value of an influencer. The tools also track authenticity and relevance.

The company currently has plans to expand into global markets, such as South East Asia. Pranay says that they’re “getting a high demand from brands for influencers in regional languages and international markets.”

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