Amazon is reportedly offering big money to have popular creators move over to Twitch

Amazon is reportedly offering big money to have popular creators move over to Twitch

In an unsurprising move, Twitch parent company Amazon is taking steps to further compete with YouTube.

It has been reported that Twitch has been approaching big stars like Will Smith about livestreaming, as well as  quietly talking to some of YouTube’s top creators, such as Rafi Fine of Fine Brothers Entertainment.

This comes after the recent news that YouTube is paying its top creators to promote their monetisation tools. According to Bloomberg, Amazon and Twitch are aggressively signing live streaming deals with “dozens” of big media stars and companies who are currently on YouTube. It is said that some of those deals are already closed.

Bloomberg also reports that “Twitch is offering minimum guarantees of as much as a few million dollars a year, as well as a share of future advertising sales and subscription revenue, according to several people who’ve been contacted by Twitch.”

According to the report, Twitch has approached many people, including but not limited to lifestyle influencer Gigi Gorgeous to actor Will Smith, and while some have resisted several terms Amazon raised, a few deals have been finalised.

Twitch has evolved a lot since Amazon first acquired it in 2014, as users were not allowed to post any videos that weren’t related to gaming in the beginning. Since then, the website has introduced Twitch Creative in 2015, as well as plans to rework the IRL and Creative categories to allow users to find content they want to watch more easily.

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