Creators are annoyed at KSI’s management for issuing strikes against videos using short clips of the fight

Creators are annoyed at KSI’s management for issuing strikes against videos using short clips of the fight

A large portion of YouTube creators are against KSI’s management team’s decision to issue copyright strikes to those who used clips of his fight against Logan Paul in their own videos.

KSI’s management hired a content ID company to issue copyright strikes against the illegal YouTube videos and streams, as well as creators using short clips in discussion videos. This also affects Twitch users who rebroadcasted the fight via their channels, which allowed more than 1.2 million viewers to watch it for free.  

Those who streamed the fight illegally were called out by Twitch streamers and users all across the community, since they violated the DMCA rules. Some expressed disappointment Twitch didn’t ban the offenders, like Tom “Syndicate” Cassell. He also added that they might have tried to, but “to see that 1,000,000 were still watching it shows they didn’t try hard enough.”

Get what you pay for

Most people agree that the illegal streams are not something that should be supported. However, using short clips commentary videos is commonplace on YouTube. 

Many creators, such as McJuggerNuggets, Double Toasted and James Ash ran into issues trying to upload their videos with clips of the fight spliced in between opinions and discussions. After the copyright strikes, they all simply chose to reupload the video with none of the copyrighted clips.

“So settling for a reaction with zero footage of the fight not what I wanted but YouTube..!!”, tweeted James Ash.

Dolan Dark, one of the most prominent meme channels on YouTube, also reported issues. He said “main event ends in a draw and you can’t even make memes about the fight because they get blocked worldwide. Shit event 0/10 would not watch again.”

Even unaffected creators weighed in, with Boogie2988 tweeting that the fighters’ teams should “call off your dogs in this shit. They are going overboard now.”

In an email to Polygon, KSI’s manager Liam Chivers said they hired the content ID company to take down the illegal streams: “They served DMCA notices against all illegal streams. We’re looking into the situation.”

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