Logan Paul fan arrested outside the YouTuber's home

Logan Paul fan arrested outside the YouTuber's home

An overzealous Logan Paul fan has been arrested following an unsuccessful attempt to meet the creator.

According to a report from TooFab, the fan turned up at Paul's Los Angeles home on Monday night and demanded to meet him.

Naturally, Paul doesn't really invite random men on the street in to his home and the fan was promptly asked to leave by security. 

The fan allegedly also placed his hands on security, which sparked the police callout. In that time, the perp decided to then graffiti his own car - spraying the words 'Vlog on YouTube' on one side and 'Paul FP' on the other. I suppose that's a nice bit of free marketing for YouTube.

After all of that nonsense, the fan was reportedly taken to a local police station and booked for misdemeanour battery. 

We've not a heard a whole lot from Logan Paul lately, preumably he's keeping his head down in between spiking an actual adpocalypse in January and preparing for his big fight with KSI in August.   


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