Warner Music Australia has unveiled an influencer network for YouTubers

Warner Music Australia has unveiled an influencer network for YouTubers

YouTubers will now be able to monetise videos featuring Warner-owned music, thanks to a partnership between the two companies.

Warner Music Australia has joined forces with a new subsidiary of Born Bred Talent, an Aussie-based network and marketing agency.

The new side-arm, dubbed Born Bred Distribution, will offer a number of services to Warner artists, ranging from audience and content development, to the biz side of content creation which includes assistance with digital rights and monetisation optimisation.

Music to our peers

“This partnership will change how we work with our YouTubers, allowing them to profit immensely from their brilliant content, while giving them access to some of the biggest musicians around the globe and from here in Australia. We are thrilled to be part of this global partnership.” Said Born Bred Talent and Born Bred Distribution founder Claire Winerbourn.

Head of business development at Warner Music Australia Simon Cahill added: “we are so excited to see this initiative come to fruition and have the Australian team paving the way for global collaborations with our artists and content creators. Born Bred Talent and their influencers have been a huge part of our marketing strategy in Australia to date and we can’t wait to take this to the next level both here and abroad.”

YouTube is currently taking a number of leaps to further its presence in the music industry. The company recently buffed up its subscription music service, as well as signing a two-year promotional deal with the AMAs.


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