News's working with brands month is running throughout October's working with brands month is running throughout October

It's no secret that influencer brand deals are one of the most lucrative marketing strategies out there right now.

Some social media personalities are bigger than traditional celebrities, and their audiences are paying much more attention.

Every time Ninja goes live on Twitch, there's around 25,000 eyes on him in that very moment. That's more viewers than the London O2 arena arena can hold!

Of course, he's not the only influencer in the world. There's thousands and thousands of different creators on various platforms, all with their own organic fanbases, big and small.

But how do marketers tap in to that? will spend October focusing on brand collaborations inside the gaming sector and beyond.

We'll be sharing insight from companies and influencers alike, exploring successful and powerful campaigns and gathering resources that'll help brands get the most out of influencer marketing.

Additionally, we're also accepting guest submissions and opinion pieces on working with brands (and influencer marketing in general) so if you've got something to say - get in touch with the editor [email protected].


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