Ever wondered how much money YouTubers make? This handy app could give some insight

Ever wondered how much money YouTubers make? This handy app could give some insight

Are YouTubers actually making megabucks from ad revenue? Ecommerce firm Sellfy might be able to answer that.

Sellfy's new YouTube revenue calculator can analyse any YouTube and estimate its potential earning based on views. To check a channel, simply paste the URL and the average monthly view count.

Not only can it work out ad revenue, but the app can also forecast how much a creator could earn if they sold merch too.

The numbers

Sellfy estimates that a creator with 5,000 views per month can net between $1 and $20. With the addition of selling merchandise, said YouTuber could boost their earnings up to between $170 and $870 apparently. 

Increase that to a creator with 50k views per month. They may earn between $13 and $200 through AdSense, but merch sales could see them earning up $3.5k. 

That amount is calculated via data from YouTubers that are using Sellfy's ecommerce platform to sell merchandise. 

Merch 101

The app also has a list of '101 product ideas' users can sign up to recieve after they've checked their earnings. Out of interest, I analysed my own personal YouTube channel with 228 subscribers and signed up to get the list of ideas.

The list did present 101 different creative ideas, spanning across creative writing, audio, design, photography and video. It also suggested I utilise my 'personal knowledge' to market creative products. Time to start selling those 'how to be good at Overwatch' PowerPoints.

Influencer Editor

Danielle Partis is Editor of She was previously the lead content creator for TeamRock Games, as well as contributing to outlets such as Metal Hammer, both online and in-print. Prior to that, Danielle worked as a freelance PR consultant and freelance journalist for a number of outlets.


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