Mixer unveils new ways for creators to monetise content

Mixer unveils new ways for creators to monetise content

Microsoft's Mixer has revealed new ways for creators to make money on the platform.

Mixer unveiled the new features in its Season 2 update, which aims to focus on expression, community and fun. Skills and sparks are two new main features. 

Sparks are a sort of virtual currency, and viewers can earn them by simply watching streamers on Mixer. The more they watch, the more Sparks they'll rack up. 

Viewers can use their Sparks to purchase Skills, which are a new way for viewers to express themselves in live chat. Fans can share gifs, animations and launch effects that will show up on stream.

Skills will also provide a monetary boost to a streamer every time someone uses one in their chat. 

Mixer has also revealed Embers, a virtual currency used to buy more expensive Skills. Embers can also be used to donate directly to a creator.

As well as adding new monetisation options, Mixer is also making tweaks to the platform itself. Its introducing automatic bitrate switching, which means viewers' streams will adjust depending on their bandwidth.


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