Microsoft's Mixer rolls out ads for the first time, but the revenue won't go to streamers yet

Microsoft's Mixer rolls out ads for the first time, but the revenue won't go to streamers yet

Microsoft's streaming platform Mixer has started to roll out adverts on a number of channels as part of a monetisation strategy. 

The first handful of ads was unveiled last Friday on LevelUpCast, a weekly show hosted by Microsoft that provides updates and insights on the service. 

Mixer community manager Andy Salisbury and LevelUpCast host Ethan Rothamel stated during the broadcast that adverts were always intended for the platform. It's a method also employed by the likes of Twitch and YouTube that gives creators the opportunity to monetise their own content.

However, it's currently unconfirmed whether Mixer's ads will support all streamers on the platform. As it stands, only Mixer is making revenue from adverts.

“I get it: ads are not the most fun thing in the world to deal with, but it’s super important to remember what you’re doing on the site,” said Rothamel during the broadcast.

“The site is free, you’re watching content for free, and you’re supporting partners.”

Levelling up?

According to LevelUpCast and reports from The Verge, ads won't appear for viewers subscribed to partnered channels or those paying for Mixer's premium service.

When approached for comment by The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft stated: “we are always testing and exploring new features and monetization options for Mixer creators, but have nothing more to share at this time.”

Mixer has seen a spike in usage lately after snapping up streaming king Ninja. The former Twitch star is now streaming there exclusively and his presence has brought a new wave of fans to the platform, as well as encouraging smaller streamers to give Mixer a spin. An influx of new creators has perhaps pushed Mixer to refine its monetisation options.

The platform does offer other ways for streamers to make money, such as its 'Sparks' feature. Sparks are a virtual currency that viewers can earn for free simply by watching a creator. They can then choose to gift them to their chosen creator. Mixer also offers 'Embers', a separate virtual currency that viewers can purchase and donate directly.

“Traditionally, on other platforms, there are only two forms of status in a streamer’s channel: you’re either a subscriber, or you’re not," Mixer said in a blog post shortly after releasing the two currencies.

"We all know this isn’t a full picture of someone’s loyalty and value to a streamer’s community. Your status in a community should represent more than just your financial contributions."


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