Mixer rolls out channel progression feature that rewards viewers' engagement over time

Mixer rolls out channel progression feature that rewards viewers' engagement over time

Microsoft's streaming service Mixer has devised a new way to reward loyal viewers.

A post over on Mixer’s blog revealed that the platform is introducing channel progression. While still in its early stages, this new system will allow streamers to be rewarded for interaction with their communities.

This means all kinds of engagement, from watching, chatting, and following, will earn rewards in streams. Soon, the platform will introduce different ranks based on the level of interaction. Streamers will be able to reward their loyal viewers with gift subscriptions and Embers - Mixer's virtual currency.

“Traditionally, on other platforms, there are only two forms of status in a streamer’s channel: you’re either a subscriber, or you’re not," Mixer said in the blog post.

"We all know this isn’t a full picture of someone’s loyalty and value to a streamer’s community. Your status in a community should represent more than just your financial contributions. That’s why we’re excited to roll out an early version of our Channel Progression system to all streamers on Mixer. Channel Progression aims to reward your entire engagement in a streamer’s community.”

Streamer options

The new changes also will have more customisation options for streamers, but details about this are still being kept under wraps for now. This is an early test of the channel progression feature and feedback is welcome.

The full detailed breakdown of the channel progression system and changes are detailed on Mixer’s blog.

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