Snapchat launches real-time multiplayer games platform Snap Games

Snapchat launches real-time multiplayer games platform Snap Games

Snapchat has is rolling out a new games platform called Snap Games focused on real-time multiplayer gaming.

Users of the app can open up the platform through its messaging feature Chat and get playing games. These are more typical mobile game experiences that don’t rely on lens functionality, as was previously the case with ‘Snappables’.

Developers will already be able to monetise, though it’s not yet clear if in-app purchases will be included at a later date. The platform has launched with video advertising using Snap’s non-skippable, six-second Commercials ad format.

Key developer partners

Initial partners for the service include Spry Fox (Alphabear Hustle), ZeptoLab (Crash Arena Turbo Stars Drift Race), Game Closure (Snake Squad), Zynga (Tiny Royale) and PikPok (Zombie Rescue Squad).

Snap has also developed its only game called Bitmoji Party, in which users use their Bitmoji avatars in various mini-games including Pool Party, Kick Off, Spin Session and Zombie Escape.

Snap plans to open up the Snap Games platform to more developers over the coming months. has more on the story.

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