Streamlabs launches Creator Sites builder to help streamers grow and monetise their content

Streamlabs launches Creator Sites builder to help streamers grow and monetise their content

Streamlabs has unveiled a new website builder that lets streamers build sites for their brands.

The builder, dubbed Creator Sites, lets streamers create a personalised website that can serve as a destination for all of their content, social media, and other business.

Streamers can also set up monetisation options on the websites, including donation buttons and an online store to plug and sell merchandise.

Creator Sites is integrated with a number of platforms already, including Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. It can also host links from social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All of a streamer's activity on other platforms can be filtered and showcased on a creator site. 

The site will also come with a unique website address and a professional email. According to Streamlabs, Creator Sites are designed to serve as a landing spot for influencers to showcase all of their work across different spaces in one digestible package. This could come in handy when growing an audience or seeking out potential brand deals.

“Live streamers are unique in that their online persona is their brand. Showcasing that becomes complicated when your online presence is spread throughout a dozen different platforms,” said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs.

“Creator Sites provides an opportunity for live streamers to unite their online presence and reflect a consistent brand.”

Example of a Creator Sites theme

Unique growth

Creator Site is completely free to use, and some of its basic features are also available for nothing. Users also have a Streamlabs Prime option, which gives them access to more site-customising features. Streamlabs prime will cost $149 a year.

The premium features include a domain with information protection and enterprise-grade security, one-click custom email setup on personal domain, a website theme gallery (only 2 themes are available to free users), intuitive content creator specific, drag-and-drop building blocks, and content and statistics aggregation across all major platforms so users can check views and growth in one place.

Twitch streamer Ali 'Myth' Kabbani is one of the first creators to build a Creator Site. Kabbani has over five million followers on the platform.

“Creator Sites give me the tools to build a website that serves as a community hub for my fans, and allows me to continue to grow my community in a unique way like never before," Kabbani said. 


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