Twitch saw 67% growth in concurrent streamers in Q3 – report

Twitch saw 67% growth in concurrent streamers in Q3 – report

Twitch saw a big jump in its number of concurrent live-streamers in the third quarter of this year, according to a study published by Streamlabs.

The live-video tools firm claims that Twitch saw concurrent streamers spike by 67% in Q3 to 25,000 people, although its number of concurrent viewers actually fell slightly to 736,700 people.

In the same period, Streamlabs estimates that YouTube Gaming saw its concurrent streamers dip from 9,300 to 8,200 people, while the audience of concurrent viewers fell from 318,500 to 281,200.

Reporting on the figures, tech-industry site TechCrunch suggested that Twitch’s recent work launching features for its smaller channels to make money from their live-streams is behind its growth in concurrent streamers.

The report also claims that Facebook Live overtook Mixer in Q3, with 1,800 and 1,600 concurrent streamers respectively, in the gaming field.

Streamlabs has also published figures for monthly active streamers on the four platforms, suggesting that in September, Twitch had 463,600 active streamers compared to YouTube’s 159,499; Facebook’s 11,925 and Mixer’s 7,060.

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