Streamlabs teams up with Twitch to unveil augmented reality face masks

Streamlabs teams up with Twitch to unveil augmented reality face masks

Streamlabs is adding more functionality that Twitch streamers can take advantage of for their channels.

The company has announced a new extension called Face Masks. This extension allows users to create animated expressions that can be used live on streams to entertain viewers.

Users can make emotes using animated 3D models that can be overlayed on a stream with augmented reality.

Streamers can use this new feature as a perk for subscribers and help continue to monetise their content over Twitch, something Streamlabs has been hoping to do more with streamers and their audience.

The extension is now in beta and being tested by a select number of streamers, allowing them to use 26 exclusive AR facemasks. The masks can be applied onto the stream in real time one a viewer purchases a subscription.

Under the mask

Viewers can also use Twitch Bits to interact with Face Masks, even if they aren’t subscribed to the channel. At the current moment, Face Masks is only available to streamers using OBS for their live streams, no word yet on support for XSplit. In addition, Twitch Affiliates and Partners must do the following in order to opt-in to use Face Masks:

  • Enable Face Masks in the Streamlabs OBS dashboard.
  • Install the Twitch Face Mask Extension.
  • In OBS, Click on the Face Mask Settings Icon and enable Subscriber Masks.

"Creating new ways for streamers to interact with their audience and monetise their channel is no easy task," said Streamlabs CEO Ali Moiz.

"Twitch provides a stable foundation for streamers and the industry as a whole to grow. As such, we are thrilled to expand Face Masks in new and innovative ways to bring more value to creators and their communities.”

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