Twitch acquires the Internet Gaming Database

Twitch acquires the Internet Gaming Database

Streaming platform Twitch has acquired the Internet Gaming Database (IGDB).

Revealing the news on Medium, IGDB product manager Jerome Richer De Forges spoke about why the company has chosen to join Twitch.

"Today, we are very excited to announce the next chapter of our story: IGDB has joined the Twitch family! Millions of people visit Twitch every day to connect with their favourite streamers and communities," said De Forges

"This opportunity takes IGDB to a whole new level, giving us the opportunity to be an even bigger part of your gaming life."

IGDB is a company focused on information about games, ranging from the length of completion, ratings, genres, data size and more, all relevant information for fans and professionals alike.

De Forges continued: “By joining Twitch, we will be able to tap into their experience, resources, and skills, which will enable us to accelerate our progress and deliver the version of IGDB we all always dreamed about.”

“Not only that, our companies share the same culture, core values, and passion for gaming– making this the perfect fit.”

Making a change

A new single-tier has been created for contributors, who will now be giving information to Twitch as well as IGDB.

De Forges added: "First things first: the API is here to stay, and we are merging our premium and free tiers into a single new free tier."

"Going forward, that means that you will now contribute information to Twitch as well as IGDB and the thousands of apps, services, and websites that are powered by this information."

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