Analytics firm Delmondo adds Instagram Stories to its platform

Analytics firm Delmondo adds Instagram Stories to its platform

Social agency Delmondo made its name by providing some of the first tools to give influencers and brands proper analytics on their Snapchat content. Now it's adding Instagram Stories to its platform.

Its new tool will provide metrics for stories, posts, exits, impressions, reach, replies, and taps forward and back by people viewing Instagram Stories.

"Delmondo knows firsthand the challenges that story-focused analytics (and Instagram video data) has been for our customers, but that all changes today," explained Delmondo in a blog post.

"Combined with Delmondo’s industry-leading vertical video analytics, you’ll be able to track the performance of stories content and audience over time, as well as use Delmondo’s automated video tags and reports to include Instagram Stories data in your campaign recaps, or surface the performance of different Instagram Stories by content themes."

Instagram launched its Stories feature in August 2016, heavily inspired by Snapchat's feature of the same name, which had proved so popular on that social app.

In June this year, Instagram announced that its Stories had 250 million daily active users, which as industry observers immediately noted, was significantly more than Snapchat's overall daily active users figure, which stood at 166 million at the time.

In late August, Instagram revealed plans to make Stories viewable on its website as well as within its app, while just this week, it has emerged that the company is testing a feature to help Instagram users post their stories to Facebook, for an even bigger reach.

All of this has contributed to the enthusiastic take-up of Instagram Stories among influencers, particularly those who see Snapchat as unenthusiastic about helping social stars build their businesses on its platform.

This in turn is generating a demand for better analytics tools to understand how Instagram Stories are being viewed and interacted with. Delmondo may be early to respond, but it certainly won't be the last platform to add in these kinds of features.

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