YouTube musician Peter Hollens launches his own 'Creator Academy'

YouTube musician Peter Hollens launches his own 'Creator Academy'

Earlier this month, vlogger Jake Paul launched his own Edfluence serviceto teach fledgling online-video creators the tricks of the trade. Now he's been joined by YouTube musician Peter Hollens.

Hollens has launched his own platform, the Hollens Creator Academy, which will offer a suite of courses addressing various aspects of building an online-video career.

Tubefilter notes that the academy will cost $129 to join, providing its students with access to the courses, starting with a 'How To Make A Living Online' course that includes 77 lessons spread over 11 modules.

Its article suggests that more than 1,000 people have already signed up, which suggests at least $129k of revenues for the Academy even at this early stage of its rollout.

While there's plenty of free material available – not least on YouTube, with its own selection of training videos and exercises for creators – it seems there's also a market for paid courses, especially those fronted by established social stars.

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