YouTube suspends all advertising on Logan Paul’s channel

YouTube suspends all advertising on Logan Paul’s channel

Following fresh outrage over Logan Paul’s behaviour overnight, YouTube has announced that his advertising support has been revoked.

“In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behaviour, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels,” the company announced on Twitter.

Paul’s latest video saw him tasering the body of a dead rat. Then, while still connected to the electrode, Paul hoisted it into the air, before later dumping it into a bin, where it was tasered once again. Earlier in the same video he scooped a dead fish out of a pond and pretended to give it CPR.

Animal rights group PETA (which of course itself is no stranger to controversy) was quick to condemn Paul’s video, saying that “true mavericks don’t find humour in death and suffering”.

Paul’s focus on the dead is all the more peculiar considering that his recent woes are linked to his now infamous video in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘suicide’ forest, in which he filmed a human body.

Such antics make it all the harder to believe that Paul is learning any lessons from his misdeeds. Although, as he so willingly pointed out in his return video, perhaps the real lesson is that huge controversy garners huge numbers – he gained a million YouTube subscribers during his hiatus.

Presumably the inability to monetise these new fans will take the edge off the excitement, although his growing merch business – which you’ll hear plenty about if you watch his videos – is undoubtedly still a tasty earner.