YouTube’s top kids’ influencers announce participation in SuperAwesome’s SafeFam program

YouTube’s top kids’ influencers announce participation in SuperAwesome’s SafeFam program

It was announced at Kidscreen Summit this week that over twenty high profile influencers will be taking part in SuperAwesome’s SafeFam initiative.

Creators who have already signed up include DenisDaily, Gabe and Garrett, Annie Rose, Hope Marie, The Daya Daily, Superhero Kids, BananaJamana and many more.

SafeFam is designed to help YouTubers understand the ‘grey area’ in which content they produce for YouTube may, intentionally or unintentionally, be exposed to children in contexts deemed inappropriate or harmful and what standards and practices they should be following.

According to SuperAwesome, "These influencers are currently extremely concerned about doing what’s right because failure to acknowledge the platform designed for adult users and content is home to vast numbers of under-13 (U-13) users puts them at very high of risk demonetization or deactivation."

The SafeFam program creates a set of standards and best practices for YouTubers who are engaged with creating content viewed by a younger audience.

This program has been designed to empower content creators, and in many cases their parents as well, to better understand the digital safety and privacy requirements of the U-13 audience.

SafeFam comprises three elements:

  • All talent is trained on what it means to be brand-safe, kid-safe and the repercussions of not adhering to these principles.
  • The YouTuber’s content is reviewed for brand safety and appropriateness, as well as kid safety, employment laws and parental control.
  • SuperAwesome keeps YouTubers up in the know and updates them continuously with best practices. They also get access to SafeFam Support to help with any additional questions.

SafeFam also educates the parents of underage creators on best practices, such as not filming for over 3 hours at a time, or into the night. The program is as much about protecting the influencers themselves as it is about setting a standard for the content they produce for their young audiences.

Much needed protection

Parents of YouTuber, The Daya Daily stated that “A program like SafeFam helps us make the internet safer for kids. We love that SafeFam is aimed at keeping kids safe and we love that brands that work with SuperAwesome value that too, it's important for us to know that our kids are exposed to safe content on the internet and SafeFam is guiding us to produce this type of content”

Britt Bagnall, founder of YouTube talent agency Cherry Pick Talent also commented "There are so many role models on YouTube whose young audience idolise them!"

"We wanted to offer a program like SafeFam to teach these influencers how to consciously create safe content for their audience and be one of the good guys so parents know when their kids are spending time on their channel, they will not be subject to anything inappropriate or unsafe"

About SuperAwesome

SuperAwesome’s technology is used by hundreds of brands and content-owners to safely engage with over 500M kids every month. The company has pioneered the ‘kidtech’ market: technology which delivers digital media functionality with a ‘zero-data’ design to ensure total safety for kids.

SuperAwesome was recently named the 8th fastest growing private technology company in Britain (The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2017) as well as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies (Financial Times 1000: Europe’s fastest growing companies).

The company was awarded a Breakthrough Technology Award at the Campaign Creative Tech Awards 2017 for REX, the world’s first kid-safe programmatic ad filter.



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