NerdCubed announces new book and crowdfunds the entire project in 42 minutes

NerdCubed announces new book and crowdfunds the entire project in 42 minutes

YouTube gaming sensation Dan 'NerdCubed' Hardcastle just announced his new book, titled 'FUCK YEAH, VIDEO GAMES'.

Hardcastle released the book on crowdfunding platform Unbound, and the project raised 100 per cent of its funding goal in just 42 minutes. He also tweeted the news and announced it in a video on his YouTube channel.

The book chronicles Hardcastle's journey through discovering the industry, celebrating all things video games in a 'warm and whimsical manner'.

Games are great

"I've been writing Fuck Yeah, Video Games for about a year and a half now. Most of that time has been spent frowning at various word documents," Hardcastle told

When asked if he was worried about the title, Hardcastle said he intended to make a statement with the risky title.

"The title is a bit of a statement, this isn't a book for kids. I feel like if I had that cartoon-y cover with like 'Heck Yeah, Video Games' as the title then kids would pick it up and not have a great time. Basically, the title is like those really high pitched noise machines they have outside shops to stop kids hanging around.

"Ashens (Stuart Ashen) asked me to write a bit for his book, Attack of the Flickering Skeletons, and the writing bug bit me hard. I played around with some ideas, settled on one and just starting writing. Then, after realising that was all rubbish. I started over. Flash forward to about 17 abandoned books and I'm quite happy with this one. It's a fun process."

The book is available to grab on Unbound's site as an eBook, audiobook, or a snazzy hardback. Hardcastle is also selling signed copies, several collector's editions, and a copy that comes with a personalised video. 

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