NerdCubed raises over £16,000 for Comic Relief 2019

NerdCubed raises over £16,000 for Comic Relief 2019

British YouTuber, streamer and upcoming author Daniel 'NerdCubed' Hardcastle has raised over $16,000 for Comic Relief.

Hardcastle ran a 10-hour long stream on Twitch yesterday, playing various games with a handful of content creators throughout the broadcast.

The original donation target was £10,000. The target was raised to £15,000 after fans and viewers donated over that amount.

The stream saw appearances from Yogscast members Hannah, Sips and Martyn, alongside YouTubers ManyATrueNerd, UpIsNotJump, Barry Lewis, Ashens, WheezyWaiter and Dan Bull.

Indie game rockstar Mike Bithell and Square Enix Collective communications manager Amy Graves also made an appearance.

Hardcastle also ran a Comic Relief fundraising stream last year, drumming up over £17,000 for the charity.

Big bucks, bigger books

Last year, Hardcastle announced his first book 'Fuck Yeah Video Games'. The book was released with crowdfunding platform Unbound and reached 100 per cent of its goal in just 15 minutes after going live.

The project is now 1876 per cent funded, with the book scheduled for release in October 2019.


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