Strikes dished out to YouTubers who streamed Ubisoft’s E3 press conference

Strikes dished out to YouTubers who streamed Ubisoft’s E3 press conference

A number of YouTubers have been hit with livestreaming bans following the E3 press conference earlier this week.

Polygon reports that the 90-day bans appear to have been handed to those who livestreamed the Ubisoft event. The publisher has said this was an error and that’s it’s currently with YouTube to fix the situation, although for the time being the bans seem to remain in place.

Copyright claims appear to be the most likely culprit, with the game footage included in the press events likely being flagged up by the ContentID system.

Technically speaking it’s a breach of T&Cs if a creator’s stream matches another active stream, although the typical E3 spirit is the more the merrier – it is a marketing exercise, after all. And certainly such practise is the norm on Twitch.

Cock up

Considering the ongoing frustration with demonetisation, YouTube can’t really afford to frustrate creators any further – especially at a time when it is faring so poorly in the streaming battle versus surging service Twitch.

A report from April showed that in the first quarter of 2018 Twitch grew its average concurrent viewer numbers to 953k, which is up 21 per cent from 788k in the previous quarter. In comparison, YouTube Gaming saw a 12 per cent decline to 272k.

There were also big gains in the number of concurrent streamers, where Twitch grew 33 per cent quarter-on-quarter to 36k. Again, YouTube Gaming was down, this time by 13 per cent to 6.1k.

Twitch now boasts 1.13m active streamers per month and YouTube Gaming 432k.

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