Steel Media on the hunt for chicken dinners in SpecialEffect #ChickenForCharity PUBG tournament

Steel Media on the hunt for chicken dinners in SpecialEffect #ChickenForCharity PUBG tournament

After - quite literally - hundreds of hours of practice on Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Steel Media’s team of writers is finally ready for the big time: we’ve entered a tournament!

We’re taking part in the #ChickenForCharity competition set up by SpecialEffect that aims to raise money for the charity’s life-changing work with disabled gamers.

We’ll be competing with a host of games industry teams, from Sega and Rare to Coatsink and TT Games. You can find all the teams we’ll be beating below.

In honesty, we’re just hoping to not come last and raise money for a good cause. As you can tell from the picture here, we truly are a force to be reckoned with).

Our team consists of senior editor Craig Chapple, editor Alex Calvin, editor Danielle Partis and freelance extraordinaire Ben Parfitt.

You can check out our JustGiving team page here (yes we’re cowards and often apply a no crates policy, #DealWithIt). You can see the main SpecialEffect page right here.

The tournament will take place tomorrow (Friday, June 21st) from 1pm until approximately 5pm.

Four rounds will be played featuring squads of four. The winner will be the team that earns the most points, earned through top place finishes and kills.

The tournament will be live-streamed right here if you fancy tuning in.

The event is being hosted by esports personalities The Simms, Talha and JohnPee.

Head of Content

Craig Chapple is a freelance analyst, consultant and writer with specialist knowledge of the games industry. He has previously served as Senior Editor at, as well as holding roles at Sensor Tower, Nintendo and Develop.