Preferential treatment sees Twitch streamer Shroud have his PUBG ban lifted

Preferential treatment sees Twitch streamer Shroud have his PUBG ban lifted

Twitch streamer and PUBG pro Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is back playing the battle royale title it seems.

A few weeks ago, Grzesiek was banned from the game after fraternising with a hacker. The pair, as well as another streamer, were seen whizzing through PUBG in a flying bus and using wallhacks to get kills.

This wasn't even Grzesiek's first brush with the PUBG ban hammer. He was also banned back in September last year after "teaming" with another streamer. Both hacking and teaming are bannable offenses in the game.

Now Grzesiek is back playing PUBG and is now using his powers for good. The streamer decides 'enough is enough' and takes it upon himself to challenge the notorious hack lord.

Unfortunately, hack lord has a wealth of cheats available while Grzesiek is but a mortal man with a rifle. The hacker reportedly comes back to harass and kill Shroud, causing him to quit the game altogether.  

“He’s just gonna keep flying and killing us, flying and killing us,” says Stroud in a stream.

“I’m done. I’m not playing anymore.”


Now we've all been tempted by hacks. Myself and my regular PUBG teammates have had one too many hack-based losses in-game and we've definitely considered it. But in the end, cheating is bad and will get you banned from the game, so we don't. 

However, there's evidently a different rule if you're a big streamer. The blatant disregard of Grzesiek's consistent inability to follow the rules sets the precedent that online personalities can just do what they want and not suffer any consequences.

Back in June, fellow PUBG Guy 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm threatened to stop playing PUBG unless he got his own in-game weapon skins. Both him and Grzesiek now have their own personalised weapon skins. 

While its likely that this was some sort of marketing ploy, to those unsavvy it simply looks like an influencer wielding their pull to get special treats - something that doesn't reflect positively on the streaming community. 

Stroud attempting to grenade a flying car


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