Blockchain item trading "five-to-ten times" more profitable than advertising for streamers, says WAX

Blockchain item trading "five-to-ten times" more profitable than advertising for streamers, says WAX

Streamers could be making much more money from decentralised item trading than they are from traditional advertising.

That's according to the president of blockchain item marketplace WAX Malcolm CasSelle, who claims this is a "superior" business model for games content creators.

WAX is a new decentralised item-trading solution being made by skin and digital asset specialist OPSkins.

"We felt the future was blockchain peer-to-peer trading. It's much more powerful than centralised trading. There 1,000 more things you can do with it," he said.

"Plus, if you're a streamer and have peer-to-peer trading available to you, it means that you can make money trading from your audience. Currently, you're only making money from advertising. It's a superior business model for content creators in the gaming space."

The future is now

He continued: "If I am a streamer and I am trying to monetise my audience when they transact, it will be five to ten times more profitable than advertising. Commerce is more lucrative. We know gamers are enthusiastic about it and everyone gets paid out instantly, unlike with affiliate fees where you send someone off your site to go somewhere else to do something which means you have this huge drop-off.

"When they're right there and watching the stream, the creator can have an item for sale that they can buy right there. There's this gamification that can continue to occur while I'm enjoying the content. It's a way better model. If you want to provide the most amount of inventory for the greatest number of people, a decentralised approach is ideal.

"You can pay out all the different parties in the transaction, the escrow, the people who bring the buyer, the people bring the seller. Everyone then gets to participate. That is far superior to a centralised model where you have to do all this marketing to get people to come to you. If it's decentralised, the people market themselves. They're marketing out of their own desire to make the business more successful."

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