Report suggests that consumers are bored of 'repetitive' influencer content

Report suggests that consumers are bored of 'repetitive' influencer content

It seems people are getting tired of seeing avocados, sunsets and colourful walls splattering their feeds. 

According to a study from Bazaarvoice and Morar Research, 47 per cent of consumers are 'fatigued' by repetitive content. 

Morar surveyed 4000 consumers across the UK, Germany and France about influencer marketing to find that a large proportion is actually quite dissatisfied with sponsored content. 

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Additionally, 49 per cent of the survey called for stricter advertising regulations for sponsored posts. Unilever's Keith Weed recently called for an 'influencer crackdown' to combat poor disclosure. 

Not only that, but 62 per cent of respondents said that content from influencers often 'takes advantage of impressionable audiences'. 54 per cent of that said they felt influencers 'misrepresented real life'.

"The key to improving the situation is three-fold: cleaning up the influencer ecosystem by removing misleading engagement; making brands and influencers more aware of the use of dishonest practices, and improving transparency from social platforms to help brands measure impact. We need to take urgent action now to rebuild trust before it’s gone forever.” Weed said back in June. 

A recent report from CampaignDeus also highlighted that botting and buying followers is still very prevalent, specifically among Instagram influencers. 

That said,  43 per cent of marketers are still planning to up their influencer spend in the next year.


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